Father With Big heart Adopts 6 Children With Disabilities

If you ask Jack about his father Ben Carpenter he will answer that he is the best father in the world.

When he was just 21 years old Ben adopts Jack, a child with autism. In the following years, he adopted 5 others and does not intend to leave it at that.

Ben says he always wanted to have a big family. Being a biological father has many responsibilities for him. So he decided to take in children with disabilities to provide them with support and a warm home.

One of his biggest challenges was becoming a parent at a very young age. Jack is 14 years old today. Ben says that the best thing about adoption is that you can choose the sex of the baby yourself.

After Jack, he also adopted Ruby. Not long after he got a call asking him to adopt her sister as well. He accepted this with pleasure.

Ruby and an 11-year-old with a complex dᎥsabᎥlᎥty. LᎥlly, her sister Ꭵ s 9 years old and profoundly deaf.

Ben wanted his fourth child, a boy, to keep his balance. Adopted Joseph, a boy with Down syndrome. Today he is 6 years old.

The other child Teddy took home died of sepsis. Ben is worried and wondered where he had gone wrong to deserve something like this.

For a long time, he did not recover.

Ben thought the family needed another boy. The family is bigger with LouᎥs, who blᎥnd and has cerebral palsy. Even though Teddy died Ben considers himself the father of six children. The thing that makes him happiest is to see that he created a future for his children that it was not known where they would have ended up without support.

It is never enough to do charity and to shelter and forgive love to someone in need. The important thing is that at the end of the day you have a house full of love and a family that loves you.

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