Why Police Throw Disabled Black Woman Out Of Wheelchair?

A policeman threw a black woman with a disability from a wheelchair but the first things from a different perspective.

Whitney Mitchell ten years ago due to an infection that blocked the blood vessels in both hands and feet was forced to cut them off and live without them. However, this has not prevented her from being a protest activist that she considers reasonable.

During the last protest, she was in the middle of the crowd. Police, meanwhile, had approached to avoid any problems that might arise. At one point they asked the crowd to retreat but they did not. This was the moment when the police intervened.

An officer was seen pushing the woman’s cart and causing it to fall to the ground. Yet some people saw it from a different perspective.

They think that the woman jumped out of the chair so that the action made by the officer would look like a racist and thus aggravate the situation.

But not all people saw it that way. Through numerous videos, they showed that the officer just wanted to help him by getting him out of the mess.

Mitchell is indeed a victim but not of police brutality but of the way the story was told and profited at its expense by making the news appear everywhere.

What matters at the end of the day is that she says she will always take part in such protests despite the aggravation of the situation because her sense of equality is stronger than anything else in the world.

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