What Jay Z Told Kelly Rowland Before Re-Establishing Connections With Her Father After 30 Years

Kelly Rowland recently shared with the public a personal story of reconnecting with her father after 30 years.

According to her, Jay Z was the one who gave him the impetus and advice before meeting his father. ‘Love is all about risk. You gotta decide if you’re gonna jump, ’” she recalled. “‘You gonna jump?’ That’s what he asked me:‘ Are you gonna jump? ’”

The singer says that her mother raised her alone. This is because the father was not ready to become a parent yet. This caused her to have a very big absence in her love life. She always missed her father.

After many years she decided to search for him. With the birth of her first son and the death of her mother in 2014, this thought came to her.

The death of her mother made her think that was already an orphan but she remembered that had a father.

Decided to meet him at a hotel in Atalanta. She let him talk for two hours without interrupting. This is to better understand why he had made that decision.

Learned that people are not perfect. You can not judge anyone and give them the right space. You can not always be right and mistakes must be admitted.

She continued, “I had to give my dad grace. As parents, we have to give our parents grace. It’s never too late. Forgiveness is always right there. ”

Christopher Levent, her father joined them saying their meeting was like a dream.

The mother of two says that it was very important for her to know that the father loved her. She had dreamed of this moment since she was little.

Abandonment by the father made her have problems with men as well. She did not know how to establish good relations with them because in childhood there was no father figure.

Advice not giving to others who are in the same situation as him is Am I ready for this? Am I ready for, no matter the outcome, whether it’s good or bad? Because the truth is, you don’t want to set yourself up.

Everybody’s always scared of the other side, and you don’t know if this person is embracing you with open arms, or if they’re not ready, ”

The most important thing is to surround your life with love. Keep only people who give you positive energy.

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