Zendaya’s Father Says Black Fathers Like Matthew Knowles And Richard Williams Are Shunned To Have Successful Daughters

Kazenbe Ajamu, Zendaya’s father says that many black fathers have avoided Hollywood.

He shared an article where he wrote “I have standards I do not plan to set for anyone irë Including myself”.

Above a photo posted of his daughter, he writes They gon have to understand you were and behind this amazing soul. “They like the idea, but they do not want to face that pain or work.”

As successful parents following the upbringing and education of their daughter, he mentioned Mathew Knowles, the father of Grammy-winning girls, Beyoncé and Solange. He also mentioned the movie, “King Richard,” which tells the story of Venus and Serena Williams through their father, Richard Williams.

Commentators, however, shared differing views.

One of them says that he is grateful to the girl because he is a big fan of her. Another says “Not Just Hollywood In America, Joe Jackson, LaVar Ball, Drederick Irving, Diddy, Will Smith”

Meanwhile, not everyone agrees with Beyonce and Solange’s father as he destroyed his family. There was an extramarital affair from which two children are born. All this after 29 years of marriage to Tina Lawson.

This is another comment Who is avoiding you. All I see is praise. Dad, please stay away from social media because you are doing too much! Matthew shunned the betrayal of his successful daughter’s mother… do you want to be compared to her? ”

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