107-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Her Birthday With 107 Roses And Blessings From Her Church

Every person wants to be nourished and have a good life. This is also the reason why when they grow old they are strong.

Some people manage to live a healthy life up to 100 years. This story is about such a woman.

Elestine Lawson is surprised by the church where she goes. From a flower shop for her 107th anniversary are bought 107 roses.

Some church members decided to surprise him. When they got there they were asked: ‘what’s the key secret behind your long livelihood? Is it natural or have you taken some sort of measures to maintain your long life? “Acclaim the master,” Lawson said.

Again when she did the same she was asked the answer that only God knows. The love of others for her and vice versa have made her life so long.

She has a tip though.

Always associate only with positive people. The stress that people bring translates into hypertension and stress-reducing the years of life

But this is not the case with Elestine. We wish you a Happy Birthday and a long life! God bless you! Keep inspiring people. We love you!

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