2 Dogs Destroy The Face Of The 5-Year-Old Boy, He Survives

Ryder Wells, only 5 years old, has gone through the most difficult experience of his life. The little boy survived an attack by two Rottweilers when he visited with his family for thanksgiving.

The boy was 21 months old when he was attacked by two Rottweilers of 100-pound dogs. Half of your face was destroyed, your teeth were damaged, his arm was broken and your lungs were damaged. The family did not expect that their son would survive.

The boy had 50 operations where he fought for his life. Now the boy is going through another pain. He is being bullied by various comments at school by other children. The teacher said that when he started school, the adults didn’t take their eyes off him.

His mother says that when they were in the park one day, one of the children yelled at her as a monster and ran away. And when they go out shopping, people make inappropriate comments.

She said it’s heartbroken as a parent, if people can’t help they should be nice to them. “But my baby is a fighter he doesn’t let him hold back.” Doctors explained Ryder’s survival as a ‘miracle’ because even doctors didn’t expect that he’ll survive.

The boy, because he is afraid of other people’s comments, often tries to hide his face by wearing glasses or a hat. But his mother always tells him that it’s ok to be different.

She wants to spread awareness by telling us her son’s story about the effect of bullying, body shaming, and disfigurement can cause mental issues, so my son’s story will make people think twice. It’s okay to look different because it’s beautiful.

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