The mother is shocked by the child after birth

Oftentimes in life, we ​​are challenged with the most difficult things. Little girl Brenna and her parents remind us what unconditional love means.

Courtney and her husband Evan Westlake were living happily with their son Connor until they realized that Courtney was pregnant again.

She was waiting to become a mother again. Every time he went to the doctor for a check-up, they told him that something was fine.

Time passed and the child was born, but all their plans were suddenly ruined. They named the girl Breanna sadly she was born covered in thick white scales, she didn’t move, she was too hot and her little body was covered in sores, what a sad and scary moment for both parents!

Breanna was taken to intensive care so she could have a chance of survival. Parents are held in their arms two weeks after birth.

The girl was born with a hereditary disease called Harlequin ichthyosis. This disease caused the skin of the body to grow ten times faster than other people.

 A redness all over her body is caused by this exaggerated growth, it also causes problems with her eyes and her mouth too, and even her nose and ears are affected.

This disease caused the family to go through challenges and their life was not the same as before. Many people did not know what the girl was going through and stared at her when she went out on the street.

Courtney was often sad because other children were curious about the way her daughter looked and made loud comments. The thing that bothered him the most was that other parents teased their children about Brenna.

Brenna is a self-confident girl and doesn’t let anyone bring her down.

Courtney said:

“Why do parents try to avoid talking to people who look different? What are they afraid of? They could just come up to me and ask how old Brenna is”

“When their child asks why Brenna is so red and swollen, why can’t they just be honest and say ‘I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter how we look. We’re all unique’?”

Brenna is just like all other children, she wants to spend time with her family, play with her big brother who adores her, and bedtime stories with her dad and brother.

Courtney now writes every day about her family and her life, she has also written a book called ‘A Different Beautiful’, which was published back in August 2016.

Don’t you think this girl is wonderful?

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