300lb Thief Half-Naked Chose The Wrong 65 YO Women To Mess With

The more time passes, the more predisposed we are to people who can hurt us. It is never known when such a moment comes. These problems usually occur with people who are new to the neighborhood.

Since the elderly are the ones who fall victim the fastest, they have decided to take action. They either choose to take self-defense courses or hit the thief with whatever they can get their hands on.

A beautiful Sunday could not be thought of by the 65-year-old as a day that would go wrong. Suddenly she heard a noise. As a grandmother, she was always attentive.

The noise was coming from outside. She went to the window to look. There was a man. He approached the car and hit the windshield. He seemed to want to rob her.

In fact, the man had a special thing. He was wearing only boxers. This fact terrified him even more. He immediately took the bat and carefully went outside. Even though the man was 300 pounds and six inches mock he seemed risky.

Adam Mosley as soon as he saw her immediately ran towards her. But she had the advantage of knowing how to use a bat very well because she had played softball in high school.

She did not back down. She hit him with all the force she had in his head. He walked away screaming louder. Mosley left all the clothes to at grandmothers. Even boxers. He was found by neighborhood police further away with other pants and cocaine in his pockets.

Grandmother says he was lucky she did not use the weapon because he would have killed her. Luckily she is able to defend herself very well but not everyone is like her.

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