Pregnant Mother Shows That Going Out With More Men During Her Marriage Made Their Bond Stronger

This story is about Alexis Watts who has a polygamous relationship. She has a wonderful husband who takes care of her but also has relationships with other men. According to her, this saved her marriage.

We are used to hear about marriages where a third person intervenes. Such polygamous relationships are rare. Alexis in her first marriage to Christofer had problems. This made her think something was missing.

After two years they are together and expecting their fourth child. According to her, the relationship she had with another person whose name has been kept secret for the past two years improved her marriage.

According to her, they discussed with the other person the problems she had in her marriage. This improved their relationship. She says: “I generally felt there was a lacking thing in my first marriage. I was fighting polyamory. I started influencing and met Christopher where we examine polyamory, it seemed OK to the two of us and it was something like sorcery. My beau addresses issues my better half can’t. For example, we have further discussions as he is a specialist. And our enthusiastic association was unbending to the point that we weren’t close for quite a while, she said.

Christopher on the other hand does not seem to do so. However, they have decided not to have children with third parties, even though they may go out with others.

Through a social media account, she gives tips on how to fix difficult relationships. Yes, you would take advice from her? Share with us your comments on Facebook.

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