On Their 82nd Wedding Anniversary Couple Shares With Us Some Tips On How To Make Love Last

A couple from North Carolina just celebrated their 82nd birthday and wedding anniversary. D.W. Williams 103 years old and Willie Williams attended the celebration hosted by their daughters and granddaughter at the First Mayfield Memorial Baptist Church in north Charlotte.

They knocked on each other’s glasses and the guests remembered that they survived the “Great Sadness”, the Civil Rights Era and the car rides that cost only 10 cents.

Their granddaughter says “To see them at this age and still doing well, it’s just a blessing to have them here.” The couple says that there is no secret recipe for the longevity of a relationship, you just have to be kind to each other. Communication and love make everything possible.

They are each other’s best friends. ” Asked what they’d do with another 100 years, D.W. replied, “I do not know.” Willie added, “Sit around the house,” making her husband laugh.

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