A 9-Year-Old Discovers A Strange Object While Wading On The Beach

Many people have a passion for collecting shells and stones when they go to the beach. But sometimes those passionate about the treasures of the sea discover things they have not seen before or strange fish that the sea has taken out. Many explorers have also found precious treasures such as precious stones or gold. If you are in love with sea creatures, you can find fossils covered by sand.

Usually, the discoverers or people who collect the teeth of sea predators like sharks, are in love with searching in the sand, for the fossils that the sea brings out. Rare shark teeth are hard to find. However, fossil hunting requires a lot of passion and patience to find out more about these great creatures. One of the greatest discoveries that fossil hunters can make is the Megalodon.

This is an extinct type of shark that lived between the Early Miocene and Pliocene eras. This was a shark with big teeth and now these giants don’t live anymore. Their teeth were as big as palm fronds and these helped the sharks to be dangerous and tear their prey to pieces. Fossils of these sharks have been found at Calvert Beach in Maryland.

It is not the first time that precious fossils have been found on this beach. You will not believe it, but this great discovery was made by a girl who was only 9 years old. Molly Sampson went out looking for fossils on Christmas morning, and what she found is a huge Megalodon tooth. This has been declared by the Calvert Marine Museum.

“This is exciting.” said the mother to the girl. Molly was in love with fossil hunting and she was surprised to find such an important element. This fossil is thought to be 15 million years old.

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