Alejandra Gere, Wife of Richard Gere, Celebrates 40th Birthday With Cute Photo of Two Youngest Children on the Beach

Alejandra Gere has shared more information on Richard Gere’s health condition on social media. He was sick with pneumonia and the media reported that Richard’s health condition has worsened. A few days before this news, Alejandra shared a photo where she looks happy with her children on the beach.

This was the last photo that Alejandra shared from the family vacation.
After the holidays, many media began to report that Richard Gere’s health condition has worsened. For this reason, Alejandra decided to give her statement. “Many of you have asked me about Richard’s health. Thank you for the messages. The worst situation is over. We are very happy that there are so many people out there who give us a lot of love.”

She shared a photo from the family vacation when she was celebrating her 40th birthday. “I thank you all for the wishes you gave me on this birthday. This was a wonderful day for me. Not only Richard but all of us got sick after the holidays, But now we are better.”

Richard and Alejandra got married a few years ago and are very happy with each other. They have children together and are not only husband and wife, but they are also close friends.

Not only Alejandra but also Richard has admitted that he is very happy with their marriage. He spoke for People and showed that he is very much in love with his wife. A year after they got married, they had their children. The 73-year-old actor will take part in a comedy-drama film with Diane Kruger, Suzanne Clement, and Marnie McPhail.


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