A bullying boy is accompanied home by fireman. Hours later he sees strangers in front of his door

Bullying has become a problem for children nowadays. Bullying usually occurs in schools or in places where children are thought to be safe.

Jonathan had been bullied for a long time and one day he had been beaten. The other children at school did not accept him because he had autism and therefore told him and called him by different nicknames.

One day on the bus another child punched him and offended him. He put on his headphones and kept listening to music but things got worse.

Another child hit Jonathan and broke his glasses, clenched his lip, and left marks on his cheek.

Jonathan being autistic had a hard time controlling himself. But that day he took no action.

At the time of the incident, several firefighters approached and accompanied the boy home. During the escort at home, Jonathan explained to them about his condition and told them that he wants to become like them when he grows up.

In the evening several people had gathered in front of his house. He saw that it was the firefighters who had accompanied him. They bought him new shoes.

Jonathan had a message for those who bullied:

“I would like to tell that student that I forgive him and would like to be his friend. My mom and I talked yesterday and would like to invite the student who did this to dinner with us so that he can see that we are not different, just because we look different. ”

We thank the firefighters for the work done and for being so good with Jonathan.

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