A passenger gives a lesson to the woman who took the seat with me on the subway

She refused to move her bag on the subway, so a stranger taught her a lesson.

A woman caused a delay of 25 minutes because she refused to vacate her seat on the subway. The train was full of people and she would not vacate the seat.

The passengers were more revolted than all of them. Many decided to face him, but they have yet to succeed.

“If you remove her, we would have an additional seat to spare,” one of the passengers from the back of the train could be heard yelling.

She had her headphones on and pretended she was very high class and no one could sit next to her. Everyone who saw her action condemned her immediately.

One person wrote, “She clearly knows she’s doing something wrong after the first few warnings but she decides to keep her purse there out of pure pride and stubbornness. She’s embarrassed and wants to stand her ground. I hate these kinds of people.”

It happened that there was also a passenger officer on board and people asked him to intervene. His patience did not last long and he eventually moved her out.

Assuming no seats are available because everyone has put their bag on a seat would lead to total chaos, especially during rush hour.

For more, see the video below.

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