Academy Expelled Him From Oscars For 10 Years / Will Smith ‘Drowned’ In Movie Offers

The whole world was shocked by the slap that Will Smith gave to his friend Chris Rock after the latter mentioned the woman making a joke about the model in her hair. And although the academy expelled him from the Oscars for 10 years, this did not penalize the actor at all, as it was recently revealed that Will is ‘drowned in offers’ to appear in various films.

Well-known showbiz professionals have claimed that the star of “I Am Legend” can return to the screen and there will be offers to appear in action movies but on a smaller budget.

The actor, who was able to hold the ‘Oscar’ award for ‘Best Actor, will eventually be offered acting role deals, according to a US marketing consultant, who insists Smith’s career does not It’s over.

Marketing consultant Jeff Kelly told the Daily Star he thought the slap was “disgusting” and the suspension was “harsh but justified”.

He praised the actor for his forgiveness and said that “while he is calm, there is still a strong love for him in parts of Hollywood”.

Kelly told the publication: “It seems very easy to pay for his career, his fate is a little more complicated.”

The expert suggested to Smith to take some time, but that “there will be offers on the table from manufacturers looking to work with him.”

He explained: “Smaller budget companies will want to get it to make films, most likely in the action genre, which they believe the audience still appreciates.”

But the industry’s insider source acknowledged that ultimately its status will be determined by movie viewers.

However, with cinemas, Smith will have to schedule his return when they fill up again for his career to be a success once again, Kelly claimed.

His other option is the small screen, the expert said. “The Oscars focus on movies, so the television networks that hire him are somehow not excluded from the possibilities.”

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