Nurse Makes Touching Gesture, Adopts Children That No One Will Adopt So They Can Spend Their Last Moments In A Family

Cori Salchert is a big-hearted woman who teaches us a solid lesson in life. She adopts young children who are very ill to make their last moments unforgettable.

Having a healthy baby is what every parent thinks when they are expecting it to come to life. But sometimes their wish is not always fulfilled. For this reason, after they are born they decide to abandon their babies.

Cori has been working for these children for many years and knows very well that they need a family. Now retired she thinks about how to make them happy.

She has worked for many years in this profession and has always thought that parents who abandon these children are afraid of death. All this desire to protect these children came because she had a sick sister. Amie contracted spinal meningitis as a baby, which affected her physical and mental well-being.

For some, he did not believe in God. “Throughout my life, I struggled with the question, ‘Where was God when my sister needed Him most?’ In my adult years… I laid down the hurt and disillusion before God and said, ‘Here, you take this and redeem it.’ And He did – in ways beyond fathoming. “

In the hospital, she had seen two cases opposite each other. Mothers who are destroyed because their child dies and mothers who abandon children.

She also set up a non-profit organization known as Hope After Loss Organization in Sheboygan. Its objective was to stir hope in families going through tragedies: the loss of their babies.

After a few years, Cori was diagnosed with several diseases. At this point he started asking again “Found myself crying out to God, asking, ‘Well, how in the world are you going to redeem this one?'”

In her life, God brought a child that would be a challenge for her. He was a broken boy who had little life left to live. He is asked if he would adopt her or not. Decided yes.

Her first hospice baby was Emmalynn. The baby lived for just over seven weeks before passing away. Emmalynn witnessed the comfort of a loving family, including Cori, her husband, Mark, and eight kids.

The girl died in her mother’s arms singing “Jesus Loves Me” together.

Immediately after this tragedy, he decided to adopt other children. “Emmalynn had left her tiny impression on our lives, and while we were grieving her loss, we eventually began to heal and consider taking in another baby.”

Charlie who was suffering from brain damage was adopted. They had given him a little life but the family decided to make him feel good.

Despite the losses, her family gave love and support to these children when they had nothing. They gave him a family and a house. They gave what every person needs at the last moment, love.

Let us pray together for these children and their speedy recovery. Cori is to be admired!

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