An 82-year-old woman was caught stealing in a supermarket

An 82-year-old woman was caught shoplifting in a supermarket. “Please don’t call the police, I don’t want my grandchildren to know”. What happened to her afterward is unbelievable…

There are many people in the world who try very hard to put a plate of food on the table in the evening. The prices of the main products are increasing every day.

This causes many businesses to close. Finding a job is not as easy as before. Life has become very difficult.

An 82-year-old grandmother is taking care of her grandchildren. Because of her age, she cannot provide food for her grandchildren and is forced to do something not good. He tried to steal food from a market.

When an employee spotted her putting canned food in her bag, they confronted her. The grandmother was scared and begged them not to call the police. “Please don’t call the cops; I don’t want my grandkids to know,” she kept repeating.

Nor did she show that she was trying to feed her grandchildren at home. The store manager was very touched by her story and gave her everything she asked for. He even told him to stop there whenever he needed food.

“Come grab what you need anytime you want; a few euros don’t matter anything to me,” he said.

We are glad there are still people there as considerate and as caring as this market owner.

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