An irresponsible mother who leaves her daughter on the ground and looks at the phone

A photo of a mother sitting on the phone and leaving her daughter with a blanket on the ground at the airport made the rounds on the Internet.

Nena was criticized on the social network as this action was cruel. The photo was shared with an expression of Albert Einstein that says “I am afraid of the day when technology will be more important than interpersonal relationships. There will be a generation of idiots in the world. “

The photo really looks very bad, but the real reason for its action teaches us not to judge people at first sight.

People wrote different comments on the photo like “You are a distorted mother !! You sit on the phone, with the baby on your feet, and you don’t care about him…”, the woman decided to tell the truth.

Molly Lensin, a pediatric nurse, has two children at home and was stuck in a Colorado airport for more than 20 hours with her two-month-old daughter because her flight was canceled.

“Anastasia had been sitting in her stroller for too many hours, and I had my hands tired from holding her in my arms and from my luggage. He needed space to lie down, and I had to communicate with all the family members, who were wondering where we were,” Molly explained on a television show.

The woman said that after a few months she saw her photo circulating on the Internet. There were people who supported him and those who criticized him.

“I felt that my privacy had been violated. I work at a pediatric clinic and I was afraid that my boss or one of my colleagues would see the picture and be kicked out. Fortunately, this did not happen, “said Molly Lensing.

Do you think it is a sufficient reason?

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