Aswad Ayinde is sentenced to 90 years in prison for having 6 children with his daughters

Aswad Ayinde was found guilty in the trial of raping his wife when she was 8 years old. He had four children with his daughter. According to his answer, he was trying to create a pure family bloodline that would survive the apocalypse.

He was found guilty of raping his six daughters with whom he had six daughters. The relationship started when they were 8 years old.

Mr. Ayinde is known for directing the song “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees.

During the trial, it seems that his wife was a supporter of his actions. The man said that the world will end and only he and the people he will choose will be alive.

All this happened for 30 years until the couple separated. The event happened in many homes in New Jersey even when the family was under the supervision of state child welfare.

The family moved to Florida to avoid his investigation for attempting to abduct children from the Ayinde Household.

His wife testified in his first trial that he left the girls without food and beat them. Some of the children he had with his daughters were born at home and died. They were buried in the courtyard of the house without having a birth or death certificate.

Mr. Ayinde had 12 children with three other women which he kept secret. He homeschooled them and isolated them from the rest of the world.

When the woman found out about the sexual abuse, she said that she was afraid to report it. This helped the man to continue with his evil plan.

Despite everything, his wife was not arrested. What do you think about this story? Share your comments with us on Facebook.

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