Black Man Claims That Elon Musk Stole His Big Idea And Then Sold It As His Own

Riz Nwosu was a big fan of Elon Musk and especially Tesla. He liked it so much that when Tesla launched its Cybertruck Nwosu he started developing a backpack based on the vehicle.

He designed it and sent it to Musk and Cybertruck designer Franz Von Holzhausen. This car came with some new features like a USB charging port, an extra-wide opening, and a TSA-approved lock.

Excited by all that he had created and by meeting Musk he threw the product on and started taking the first orders. He also created a Shopify website to receive the first orders officially. At this point, the man would make a Twitter post tagging Musk in it and other Tesla executives about a partnership.

While waiting for a response from Musk he revealed that Tesla has already filed a trademark for the word Cyberbackpack. This news went.

Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles and clean energy and the company has other problems. But the biggest problem is racial discrimination. It’s faced with so many complaints that the state of California has threatened to sue it.

In many cases, Tesla denied wrongdoing but was forced to make payouts of more than $ 1 million, including paying Owen Diaz, a former elevator operator at a California Tesla plant, $ 137 million.

Although Nwosu did not like the news, this did not stop him at all. The Cyberbackpack inventor has since filed his trademark, adding a first use date of January 2021, and is exploring his options for the word Cyberbackpack. The inventor also still wants to partner with Tesla in the future.

Musk again was trying to conduct a hostile takeover of Twitter after his first attempt last week was unsuccessful. Twitter board members are trying to avoid the entrepreneur achieving his goal. Maybe this will not be possible but at least they are trying to delay this process as much as possible.

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