Parents And Coworkers Find That School Janitor Walks 2 Miles To Get To Work And Takes 3 Buses And Make Him The Surprise Of His Life

Hard work and dedication are never lost. This story best illustrates this. A simple goalkeeper does his job with more passion and for this, he is rewarded.

It is always nice to have a job and help others by making life easier through your job. Nowadays many people worry about salary rather than doing the job with desire and passion.

Meanwhile, many people prefer to just receive the payment at the end of the month, and the higher this salary the better. But this does not mean that lower-paid professions should be underestimated.

Nowadays it is unfortunate that professions such as lawyers, engineers, and accountants are respected professions while being a person who works to keep the environment clean is not valued enough.

This makes people do their job without passion and desire. This is not the case with Robert Lee Reed who works willingly and was rewarded for this.

Reed worked as a school janitor at Farmington Elementary, and despite how tedious the job was, he did it wholeheartedly. He had only worked for a few months, yet he was one of the staff’s most loved and essential members. Speaking about his job, Reed revealed:

“No job is too big or too small. I wanna make a safe, clean, sanitized environment for the students, the guests.”

His colleagues noticed his dedication and passion for the work and respected him greatly. In addition to his passion and coming to work every day despite his distance from home, he makes his story more touching.

Reed lived in Millbranch in Winchester, and it took him about four hours to get home after work. According to the man, he would have to take three buses and walk about two miles before he got home. However, this never made Reed consider getting a job elsewhere.

School for him is like a family. The teachers saw and heard his transportation difficulties and decided to help him. This gift would change his life.

The gift made him fall to his knees and start thanking. Although he had always fulfilled his duties, he did not accept this gift.

One day one of the teachers Elizabeth Malone and her colleagues called her to the bookstore to discuss something. The news he would hear was the best in his life. Malone revealed:

“We started a GoFundMe for you 21 hours ago. And we’ve raised $ 7,000 for you to buy a new truck.”

As soon as he heard the news, Reed fell to his knees, hugging Malone and crying. The teacher told him she deserved it.

In less than a day $ 10,000 goal was raised. “His work ethic is unbelievable, and we want our kids to pick up on that, not only to have a good work ethic but also, if you see someone in need, try to help. It’s important to do that.”

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