Daughter Fulfills The Wish Of Dying Father Dressed As A Bride To Walk With Him To The Altar

Dad was in the last moments of his life while the girl was preparing to take a very big step. He wanted to be part of the most important day of her life.

The loss of a parent is one of the most difficult things a person goes through. Their absence is felt throughout life, especially on the most important days. They say that the love of the parent is always felt but their physical presence is also important.

A woman did her best so her dying dad could accompany her to the altar. His emotional reaction will leave you sobbing and encourage you to hug your loved ones a little tighter.

Viennese Stanton was pregnant and expecting to celebrate her love with marriage. All her wishes were being fulfilled but she was still worried about her father.

He was very ill and the Viennese could not think of her most important day without him. Preston Rolan had always been by her side since the age of three when he started raising her alone.

He was diagnosed with acute leukemia and had recently been hospitalized with various chemotherapy treatments. But unfortunately, there was no improvement and the doctors were thinking the worst.

Doctors told the Viennese that she probably would not survive until her wedding. Rola was delighted to learn that Douglas Stanton had proposed to his daughter. The couple was upset that he probably would not make it to the wedding.

Viennese stated: “We wanted my dad to be a part of [the wedding]. Then to find out he wouldn’t make it to our original wedding day was sad for us.”

This caused their plans to change completely. They had to do the wedding for the father to be present. They planned everything without the knowledge of the father in collaboration with the nurses.

“The nurse team kept the wedding a secret from my Dad, so this whole day was a surprise to him. It was such a beautiful day.”

During her most important day, Viennese said “We have both dreamed of him walking down the aisle to my groom— and that moment finally happened. This was truly the best day of my life! Dad, I love you more than you know. “

The nurses arranged everything so that Rolan would not have the idea that he would accompany his daughter to the altar. When he found out Vieneese shared that her dad was stunned and on the verge of tears.

She is now walking down the hospital corridor with her father by her side. “And just walking with him – actually taking that walk – was amazing. I was so glad we got to do that. I got to talk with him and have him hold my arm, and that part was the best.”

Roland was moved to a hospice shortly after the wedding. Despite his deteriorating condition, Viennese noted: “He still has the will, the spunk, and the humor to be completely alive.”

Now Vieneese found out she was pregnant and went to the hospital with the gender reveal balloon. She learned that she would have a daughter.

Now the girl is preparing to take care of him until the last days of her life. Viennese noted: “He still has the will, the spunk, and the humor to be completely alive.”

A few weeks after the wedding Rolan died. When the doctors got on the phone to tell Viennese the news she could not believe it, or simply,  could not accept it.

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