Cardi B gives Girl Kulture A Birkin Bag That Is Thought To Cost $ 48K And Fans Are Losing It

The known rapper from an Instagram post has shared a photo with her followers. We see her daughter Culture with a Birkin bag that costs $ 48,000

For some people, this is not a bad thing. For some others, it is very wrong.

The singer has recently brought to life her second child with the rapper Offset.

The Birkin yellow bag is with crystals. A shining rainbow and silver clouds behind. ‘With & my best friend for life,’ the musician captioned the post.

In fact, these expensive gifts are expected from Cardi.

Some of the commenters say “That’s awesome and all but I have 25 days to move my home or “The Man” gets my home, enjoy Kulture it’s beautiful. ’

God bless your finances, if I were a millionaire, I would spend that money buying food for needy children, but hey, everyone in their world, ’another suggested.

Another joke “She gonna pit her $ 100,000 crayons in there. ’Many others weren’t that fu * sed about Kulture’s latest addi! Ion to her wardrobe, and instead wanted in themselves”

“Respect that Cardi B and Offset makes sure Kulture matches their fly, ’a Twitter user posted. ‘Who wouldn’t want a blinged-out rainbow Birkin ?!’ ‘As long as they can afford it and teach her about gratitude and a good work ethic, go for it,’ a fan agreed.

Another said: ‘I’m not even gonna hate. @iamcardib can you adopt me? LOL. ’Us too, while you’re at it… According to Page Six, Cardi and Offset splashed out on the custom bag after the youngster fell in love with a similar one in Claire’s.

The couple requested that the bag be personalized. It took 100 working hours to complete. Did any of you become jealous of this fact?

What do you think? Do you agree with this purchase of hers or not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook.

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