Couple Hides $1000 Cash In Target At Children’s Session To Help Families With Same Difficulties As Them

A couple decided to insert $1000 in diaper packages at Target and at formula milk to help new families in need.

Krystal Duhaney is a nurse and founder of Milky Mama. When she had the first child she realized how difficult it is to raise him and how much it costs. Now she is a mother of three and wants to help others.

Now that their economic situation has improved, they have decided to put $ 1000 in envelopes inside baby sessions at Target stores in Los Angeles to cover basic needs during the pandemic period.

They say they want the parents who find those envelopes to feel happy and better financially.

In the video below you will find how they did all this.

We hope that in the world there will be even more people with economic opportunities who think about young families.

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