Couple Who Lost 3 Childrens Adopts Girl With Nickname “Devils Child” That No One Wanted, Later She Becomes Famous 

Life is very difficult for a child who has been left an orphan. An orphanage is a terrible place for him but then life would be fixed.

Michaela DePrince had so many challenges in her life that one thought she had no reason to live. He was suffering from a skin disease that left him with white spots and everyone was offended. This is why no one wanted her for adoption.

Labeled the “Devil’s Child,” DePrince thought she was a monster and shared her experience growing up in an orphanage. She said: “They ranked us. Number one was the favorite child, and number 27 was the least favorite… I was number 27.”

She was dying of hunger and saw no hope in her life. At that moment he saw a picture of a ballerina in a newspaper. He started to get curious.

DePrince expressed: “It was not just the fact that she’s a ballerina. It’s that she looks happy. And I wanted to be happy and … if what she was doing made her happy, that’s what I wanted to do.” A seed was planted that changed her life forever.

When she was adopted by a couple she immediately wanted to go to a dance course. The couple had lost three children and are lovingly welcomed by DePrince into their lives.

When he was adopted there was insecurity in the young family. They had always just rejected and ridiculed him. he said: “I used to have to sleep with the light on. I was just terrified that if I turned it off when I would wake up, I would be in the orphanage again.”

He got used to the new family and started working hard to become a dancer to show everyone wrong. At first, there was uncertainty that others would make fun of him.

She finally succeeded and today is a very famous ballerina. DePrince worked hard and stated: “The only way I could survive was … to prove everybody wrong.”

Her whole life became a challenge even when she grew up because of her skin color.

DePrince proved everyone wrong and danced on stages worldwide. Her story encourages many people to keep dreaming no matter the circumstances.

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