Couple With Different Skin Color Shares Their 73-Year Love Story. ‘The Priest Refused to Marry Us’

The story you will read is of a couple with different skin colors who, despite their prejudices and difficulties, managed to stay together.

Trudy Menard, a British native, and Barclay Patoir, born in British Guiana, now called Guyana share with us how they managed to maintain their relationship. Their love was not at first sight. At first, Menard found it strange to be in the same room as Pair.

Initially, they became friends. They were then connected and this connection lasted for 73 years. Finally, they decided to show all the prejudices they made.

Trudy would never have met Barclay if he had not worked at the Mays match factory.

Barclay moved from Britain to volunteer for British Guiana’s mother country, as there was a lack of engineering skills due to World War II.

Many moved from Liverpool to Britain to increase the production of weapons of war. In the factory where he worked he met Trudy.

The woman initially hated working with a man of color whom she was very afraid of and did not know before. She initially refused to be his assistant but could not leave the job halfway.

They became colleagues but kept some distance. They hardly talked at all. Barclay then had some social demeanor. He brought her tea and sandwiches. Thus they became friends and exchanged views on history.

Others noticed this friendship and started talking about how they spent their time. One day something unexpected happened. Work moved slowly, and workers were allowed to take time off.

They went to a meeting after getting off the train. Menard later visited Barclay in his hostel. This outing stirred mixed reactions. According to Trudy: “We got some dirty looks then. I could tell some people were talking about us on the train, but we took no notice, did we, dear? ”

She continued: “When we got there, we had something to eat, and on the way back, we went to his place, the hostel, for a cup of tea. And all the lads were so happy to meet me. ”

Despite Liverpool being one of the countries allowing black settlements in the country racism were still present and the couple knew this well.

Again they did not allow this to fade their love for each other. Initially, she did not tell her mother about her romance.

When her mother found out, her family kicked her out of the house. This was not enough for their love to end. She could not withdraw.

They wanted to get married but the priest refused to bless their marriage. He said  “There are so many colored men coming over here and going back home, leaving the women with children. So I’m not marrying you. ”

After the refusal, they were married in the civil registry in Liverpool. From their marriage, they had two very beautiful daughters.

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