Denzel Washington’s Wife Tells What Are His Chores At Home After Sacrificing Her Career For His

Behind every glitter of the stars in Hollywood hides another person. This person is the one who keeps the family together and raises the children away from the big screen.

“Behind every successful guy, there is a woman,” said Mark Twain. Such is the case of Denzel Washington. Keeping marriage in Hollywood for many years is very difficult.

In fact, it is very difficult but not impossible. Some of the couples who have been able to maintain the same harmony are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan, and Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson.

But who is the key to longevity?

Denzel and Pauletta met in 1977 in the movie “Wilma” where she was one of the track stars while he played the role of Wilma’s boyfriend.

At first, they were friends but then a year later they started dating each other.

In an interview given in 2013, he says that he proposed to her 3 times until she said Yes. He had been rejected twice. They married 5 years later in 1983.

12 years later their marriage vows are repeated. Denzel says he has not enjoyed his wedding day at all. He just met people and took pictures.

Many may know Denzel but do not know that Pauletta is an actress, singer, or pianist.

She says she is the same person she was when she lived in Newton. She even wants to keep her husband on the ground.

When the couple is at home they have separate tasks. He has to take out the trash, play with the kids and take it to the supermarket.

Pauletta is one of those women who supports her husband towards success. In this way, the more years pass, the stronger their relationship becomes.

After a famous note by first Lady Michelle about her experience of being “the strong woman behind that powerful man,” it seems that the media is now recognizing the role of the woman behind a successful man.

Pauletta says she does not and does not give all this support just because she is the wife of a famous person but because she is like that

The couple says there is no key to longevity and happiness. Every relationship has its ups and downs.

Denzel believes that his wife did more than just make their house a home; she also raised, protected, and sacrificed herself for their four lovely children.

Denzel Washington is a well-known actor who is frequently connected with characters who are defined by their dignity, ethics, humanism, and inner power. He was named the greatest actor of the twenty-first century by The New York Times last year.

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