Famous actor and director Robert Downey dies in his sleep

Robert Downey Sr., father of actor Robert Downey Jr., dies at the age of 85 asleep.

He died at his home in New York. It was his wife and son who announced the death. The director had had Parkinson’s disease for 5 years.

His son posted an exciting message about his father’s death saying he breathed his last calmly and painlessly.

“Last night my father passed away peacefully after years of enduring the devastating effects of Parkinson’s disease. A truly noncommittal filmmaker, he remained remarkably optimistic. By my stepmother’s calculations, they are married and happy for over 200 years, ”wrote Robert Downey Jr. on his official Facebook page.

He also expressed his condolences to his stepmother, with whom his father had been married for 23 years.

The actor starred in successful films such as Die In La, Boogie Nights, and Magnolia.

Robert Downey Sr. was a director, writer, and producer, but did not appear much in the media to protect his children. But when his son was accused of using cocaine he gave an interview.

“Life is so easy when you’re a movie star. People will do what you want and give you what you want. Hollywood is a terrible place, ”he told in 2001.

Rest in peace Robert!

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