Famous Actress Confesses Challenges For Survival, Her Father’s Abuses, And The Power Of Forgiveness

American actress and producer Viola Davis can teach us all about the power of forgiveness.

Raised in deep poverty in Central Falls, she has suffered trauma and suffering. Hungry, she and her five siblings searched in the trash for food, where they were harassed by boys who threw stones at them for being colored.

“The way you react is based on survival,” the Oscar and Emmy winner told PEOPLE as she recounted her memories.

“The key is to survive. I did what I had in hand to do at the age of 8. I fought. And this fight served me because I’m still on my feet.”

Davis also experienced the physical and emotional abuse that her father, Dan, inflicted on her mother, Mae Alice, for years. Dan regularly physically abused his wife. Before dying of pancreatic cancer in 2006, he made peace with his wife, who stayed with him for 48 years until the end.

“My dad changed,” Davis explains. “My mom said she apologized every day. Every day, he prayed for forgiveness. Sometimes people do not realize that life is not an ABC. It is messy. He did it, it hurt, but love and forgiveness can work. over everything. “

Davis settled the relationship with his father before he died.

“My father loved me. I saw it. I felt it. For me, this is much better than spending my whole life holding a hatred. This is my choice. This is my inheritance: the forgiveness of my father. “

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