White Mother Gives Birth To Black Triplets, Father Bursts Into Tears When He Sees Them

Rachel and Aaron Halbert met on a blind date. Aaron was born and raised in Honduras. Since he became a missionary he had to travel to different parts of the world.

Rachel was from Mississippi. When they met they knew they were made for each other.

Ever since they met they started dating. They got married and we’re thinking of starting a family right away.

The couple wanted a big family but after trying for several years Rachel could not get pregnant so they decided to adopt.

They had got a big house to live in with the opinion they wanted to fill it with more children. So they initially decided to adopt two African-American children. Their names are Ford and Catherine. Their house was starting to fill up.

The children adapted quickly and they became a family. The couple in the community was prejudiced. While they did not directly confront the couple whenever they walked out of their house with their adopted children, their actions and facial expressions were enough. But, Aaron and Rachel were never bothered.

Even though they were very happy with Ford and Catherine, again it seemed like something was missing. They both wanted to expand their family.

One day Rachel learned about embryo adoption. When Aaron found out about the procedure, they agreed that they found the perfect solution that would make their family complete.

Aaron knew his wife was not pregnant because he was infertile. She wanted to fulfill her biggest dream, to get pregnant and give birth. One day they went to an embryos donation bank.

Twin embryos were found there. The embryos were African-American. They decide to take them.

When Rachel went to visit the doctor gave her unexpected news. They would become triplets. The couple felt very blessed. Their decision to expand their family seemed to be favored by the heavens, and they were made even happier by sending out an additional blessing!

People as always started judging. Some asked her why she decided to be a mother in such a situation. But Rachel knew that children, even though they would not have the same skin color or features, would not like them again.

The birth was made by a c-section. When the children were born Aaron held them in his arms. He could not believe how beautiful they were. He would finally have the family he had always dreamed of.

They both realized that now the family was complete. They are trying to teach their children to be good neighbors and good parents.

They are also teaching people to adopt children regardless of their skin color.

May God bless them!

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