Father Stopped Girl From Marrying Black Man, 39 Years Later They Finally Marry Each Other

In 1979 Penny Umbers and Mark Bethel meet at a private school. There they fall in love with each other. Even after school is over and Mark returns to the Bahamas they continue to keep in touch with each other.

When it came time to go to Bethel University he chose to study in London. Umbers went to a polytechnic college to be close to each other.

When their relationship ended Umbers was destroyed. He even attempted suicide.

“He was everything to me, he made me feel so loved, and so to not see or hear from him was unbelievable,” Umbers says.

After the separation, the two continued their lives. Umbers married twice and divorced. Bethel had a long relationship that did not work out.

In 2019 Bethel found Umbers on Facebook and the truth of their separation was revealed.

Umbers says “When we spoke in 2019, Mark told me, for the first time, what had happened at school, He had been talking to my father in the garden and I remember thinking they had so much in common because they both liked sports.

But in fact, my father had said to him ‘you’ve had your fun, now move on boy.’ It shattered him, he was such a sweet lovely boy and he was really in love with me.

Umber’s father threatened him, telling him that he would take away his scholarship if he continued to meet his daughter. This is because he knew people in high positions.

Dad was against it because he was black and Umbers white.

Both showed that separation was very difficult. They were madly in love with each other.

 “I had to make the hardest decision of my life and I had to make it in isolation. I had no support mechanism, no friends or family, I couldn’t explain to her why I just wanted it to end. It was heartbreaking. ” says Bethel.

Bethel searched for him on Facebook. He found an account with the same name but was not sure if it was her. 39 years have passed. He sent her a message but she responded after a few months. She was not a regular Facebook user.

 I just said ‘Is this Penny?’ And then it was! I felt nervous, apprehensive, happy, and giddy. ”

The couple, 60 and 61, reunited after many years. Umbers went all the way to the Bahamas to meet him. There he proposed to her. Umbers says he did not love anyone like Mark.

You may have read this story online many times. What we need to do is show that love has no color and no other barriers. In the end, what should triumph is love. And it is never too late to love and be happy.

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