Father Who Killed His Friend Because He Raped His 8-YO Daughter Is Released From Prison, The Way He Acted Is Unbeliavle

After finding out that his best friend had raped his daughter, he even made a video of this father losing control.

After watching one of the videos, the parents decide to kill their friend. When he saw the stomach-churning footage on his phone, 34-year-old Vyacheslav M had been drinking with his 32-year-old friend, Oleg Sviridov.

The father was not believing what he was looking at and went to ask his friend. But he had already run away. He called the police to make a report and they went in search of him.

But he managed to find him first and killed him.

Oleg was hailed as a hero because he had killed a man who had raped his daughter who had left him in good faith several times to his grandfather.

In these cases, he had sexually abused her and filmed her. Videos and other sexually abused children were found on his phone.

The father became enraged and went in search of him. He also took a knife with him when he was searched. Many people after the police arrested him demanded that he be declared a hero and that no charges be brought against him.

“He is not a killer; he has always safeguarded his daughter and our children. Everyone is rooting for him “says one of them.

He is now free from prison because his neighbors raised money to pay a lawyer.

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