It’s ‘Inappropriate’ Says The State For The License Plate Of A Woman Who Had It For 15 Years

Wendy Auger a mother from New Hampshire is a free-spirited person. She likes to make people happy and works as a bartender.

One thing that she possesses and which always puts a smile on everyone’s face is her vanity plate which reads “PB4WEGO.”

People with such a target pay extra money to choose the letters or numbers themselves and be unique. Auger did the same. She waited for many years until the tank was ready. When it was approved by the state that out of six characters would be seven she took the opportunity to buy it.

Even though he had this license plate for 15 years, now he is obliged to remove it. According to the state, it should remove this license plate because it contains the word “pee” in it, which according to them is a controversial language.

Auger says that no parent uses it as an expression with their child pee before we go ”before leaving the house and she does not do anything there is any controversy behind the word“ pee ”as that is simply a body function.

According to her, her rights have been violated and this case can go to court.

Those in support of Auger say that the state motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free Or Die,” and Auger is robbed of the opportunity to follow it.

For a more extended version of the story watch the video below.

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