The Child Was Eating With His Feet And Restaurant Manager Refused To Serve The Family

A mother with a three-year-old child sat in an IHOP and was looking at the menu. But she was surprised when the manager came to her desk and told her she could not serve him because the child was making them feel uneasy.

Alexis Bancroft never thought such a thing would happen to him. The only thing that came to her mind was the bad service that could be done but not expelled from restaurants because her child was not consuming food properly.

In fact, when you go to restaurants you think you will have a very good service but not that they will drive you away and humiliate you. This is exactly what the young mother from the famous breakfast chain network faced.

When they sat in the restaurant the 3-year-old boy William sat at the table instead of sitting in a chair. The manager noticed that there was something wrong there.

William was born without arms but that did not make the boy less active. Thanks to his shyness he had learned to do everything with his feet. Apparently, the manager had a problem with this.

While they were waiting for the meal, the manager came and told him that the boy could not sit at the table because of “health department issues.” Even though his mother explained to him his inability to sit a little higher, he still did not obey.

He was uneasy over the idea of ​​the boy touching the syrup dispensers with his feet, claiming it would be “unsanitary,”

“I asked her what’s the difference between hands and feet?” Bancroft said.

“When we got there, I carried him in, took him to the bathroom, and washed his feet so he could eat,” Bancroft said. “I asked her, ‘Do you ask all of your customers if they washed their hands before they touch [the syrup containers]?”

Bancroft refused to withdraw, denying the family service and discriminating against them. But then, when he realized that this could affect his work, he apologized to his family.

The manager “was the one who discriminated against my son for having a physical disability,” Bancroft said. “All he wanted was some pancakes.”

The manager even messaged her, saying in part, “I really think this was all a misunderstanding. I would never do that to your son intentionally or otherwise. That’s not what I was trying to do. ”

“Apologizing, saying it wasn’t intentional, but my son can’t get that back,” Bancroft said. “The very next day, he didn’t want to sit at the table to eat. He wanted to sit in a chair, which he can’t really do. ”

Some sources say that the manager was fired while some others say that the president of IHOP took measures for the manager.

While the little boy and his mother still continue to dispel the myths that surround them about his appearance and incompetence. Disabilities are not a taboo.

But what would you have done if something like this had happened to your child? Share with us the comments on Facebook.

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