Gena Tew The IG Model Discovered Something Devastating After Making Some Tests That Changed Her Life Forever

In a confession made recently for Tik Tok, an Instagram model who has had a relationship and is more famous has revealed that she has AIDS after 10 years.

Gena Tew has had relationships with Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, and Chief Keef and I don’t know where and when she got this disease.

She noted her doctor said it had to have been in her system for at least eight to ten years.

Tew, who is also an entertainer, has not confirmed having intimate relationships with any celebrities she’s claimed to know.

Tew also said it didn’t occur to him that something like this could happen until the signs became evident. She has admitted that when she was homeless and lived in New York, she was raped several times and may have been infected there.

“Could it have been a dirty needle? I don’t know. Do I know those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happened? No. Because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young.”

From this, she lost a lot of weight and went to 65 pounds, could not walk, and lost sight in one eye.

“I got so weak in the first days of knowing I had AIDS… I could barely focus and strained to talk,” she captioned a video, which showed her looking gaunt in a hospital bed.

She may have been infected at the age of 17.

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