The woman that everyone made fun of her on the beach but didn’t know she lost 100 pounds in a year

She put on her bathing suit and went out on the beach, she thought she was doing the most normal thing, but all the people she passed were laughing and mocking her. The woman’s reaction is a life lesson for everyone.

Jacqueline Adan, only 29 years old, has a history to tell. This history serves as an inspiration for all others. She never gave up to achieve what she wanted.

“My name is Jacqueline Adan, I’m 29, a native of California, and I’ve struggled with weight my entire life.

She says that she ate very little food and the more she thought about her weight, the more she ate.

Every time she tried to diet or give up some food, she couldn’t do it and returned to the food once again.

I was always different from everyone around me because I was always “dieting” or worried about food and my body, and I was sick of it!”

“I could never eat what my friends were eating! I had given up totally by the time I started college in 2005 and just wanted to have a “regular” college life, so I started eating like everyone else and stopped caring.

Her boyfriend Kevin and sister Jenny convince her to go to Disneyland in Paris on her 25th birthday. That place enchanted her and made her feel like a princess. But there were also bad moments.

Due to her body weight, she could not walk and had to take a wheelchair. She was very moved by this that she had allowed herself to reach this state.

It seems like everyone at Disney was looking at her and feeling sorry for her, an overweight woman in a wheelchair because she can’t walk.

I noticed the turnstile as we got closer to the front of the line. Kevin and my sister both passed through, but I got stranded. I felt terrible!” “I laughed it off once I got out, but I was overcome with guilt, shame, and embarrassment at the time. I couldn’t believe I had let myself get that huge. I went to the restroom and sobbed there.

A few days after his birthday, he made the decision that he had to change. Decided to call Jenny Craig.

Right there in Jenny Craig, I lost it and started crying. Once I had collected myself, I wiped my eyes, and declared, “Ok, I can do this,” and we established a target for me to drop more than 300 pounds.

I am the type of person who will follow through on a goal if I truly believe in it. This time, nothing was going to stop me.”

She tells how she lost 100 pounds in one year. In 2013, he visited Disney again, but this time with 200 pounds less.

“I was still having trouble eating, wasn’t getting enough calories, which was making my migraine headaches worse, and the weight loss was still proving to be a challenge.

Currently, Jacqueline weighs around 350 pounds, but she’s still attending boot camps. However, this weight loss did not come without other changes to her body. Sometimes, she experiences rashes, severe neck and back discomfort, and headaches as a result of the mental struggle she faces because of her additional skin.

This is not the end of my adventure, and I can’t wait to discover what lies ahead for me!

 “Anything is possible; all you need is a little bit of confidence, trust, and fairy dust.” All of us must simply wait and see.”

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