Girl Surprises Her Man By Placing A Positive Pregnancy Test On His Waffles, He Is Disgusted

A girl tried to surprise her husband with a positive pregnancy test placed on his food but was disappointed when this idea seemed disgusting to him.

He then did not continue to eat the food next to which the test was placed and got upset because he could not eat all the food.

Robbie, who made the video, says she is very upset about her husband’s reaction. She explains in the video that she took a “drop pregnancy test,” which is a type of test that just requires a few drops of pee on a piece of paper to ascertain whether or not you’re expecting, rather than submerging the whole stick in the stream.

Some people did not think that such a thing should be done with food. He says, “What is that?” “How does it appear?” Robbie asks back. “How come it’s in my food?” he wonders.

“However, why did you muck up my food with that?” he wonders. Robbie’s husband seems uninterested in the test. He says, “Bro, it’s urine on there.” “It’s not pee,” says the narrator. Robbie answers, “It’s the drop sort.” Her partner adds, “It’s u * rine that goes in there.” Robbie ac * uses him of spoiling the surprise and, apparently, the footage, but he was too furious because she destroyed his waffles.

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