Here’s What The Woman Who Always Drove At 4 Am In “Dog Dumping Ground” Discovered

For the past 10 years, Judy Obregon has been driving to “The Abandoned Ones (TAO) Dog Rescue” at 4:00 AM. She has done all this so that the dogs that are thrown there are not hurt or lost.

During all these years, Judy has seen many injured and abandoned puppies and her heart breaks at those sights. It is very beautiful the moment when it is slaughtered and they wag their tails.

The dogs are initially traumatized when she takes them with her in the car. They look lovingly at their savior as if he had forgiven the whole world.

After that, the woman puts them in a shelter where they get all the proper care and a second chance to have a family.

The video shows Judy’s entire journey for these 10 years. The way she does this whole journey seems to be divine. She is a true heroine.

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