This Is What Happened To The Dog Whose Owners Refused To Take Him To The Vet

This poor dog has been suffering from a tumor for six years. He just cried the whole time and was not even able to turn his head.

Only after six years after the new vein of this tumor, the dog is receiving the proper treatment. It was a rescue group for animals that were found and adopted.

According to them, the family that took care of him loved him very much, but when his face started to change, they did not take him to the vet.

“Jake has been living with a salivary tumor for SIX YEARS, according to the owners, since they believed it was caused by a snake bite.” He was reared as an indoor dog, is incredibly well-behaved, toilet trained, gets along well with other dogs, and can even shake.” “According to the organization”

After Jake was discovered as a case the rescue group took it upon itself to convince his family to get him the proper treatment. According to the information, Jake is now receiving the proper treatment and a large part of the mass in his neck has been removed.

We are all grateful to the organization that made it possible for the family to obey and save his life.

“For THE FIRST TIME IN 6 YEARS, Jake was able to turn his head. It was such an easy thing to accomplish! He is eating and pooping properly, is in good spirits, and overall appears to be in good condition.”

It is not yet known if Jake will recover completely, but the vets are doing their best.

And we wish the puppy a speedy recovery.

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