How The Dog Saved His Owner’s Life

It is not for nothing that they say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Clover, a puppy from Canada, proved this today. The Moore family is grateful after the puppy and two neighbors saved their daughter during an unexpected medical emergency.

Originally it was Haley Moore and her family who rescued Clover by taking him in after they found him abandoned, but this week he returned their “debt”.

“All I remember is waking up in the ambulance and being really confused; thinking about what’s going on,” said Haley Moore.

Teenager Moore was walking through her neighborhood in the town of Stittsville with her puppy when she had a sudden seizure.

With no humans around, the dog sprang into action. First checking on Haley, then checked to see if any cars were passing by.

After breaking free from the chain, Clover forced the other vehicle to stop and help the woman.

Dryden Oatway immediately stopped to help and said he was impressed by the dog’s actions and not just him.

The puppy blocked my path. The Clover swerved and positioned itself in the middle of the road to block my truck.

Moore was treated by doctors and they don’t know what caused it but says he knows that if it happens again, Clover is there to protect him.

I feel 10 times more confident knowing that Clover will be there for me.

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