How The Dog With The Biggest Tumor Ever Survived When He Had Just Lost Faith In Life

The people who left him alone have no heart.

Mangolia is a dog that shows us that we should never lose hope. He has a 6 kg tumor in his body.

Being in such a state is not easy, especially when you have been abandoned.

The dog was abandoned on the street and there was a chance that it would not survive.

The owner of Mangolia decided to leave it in the middle of the road. People helped the dog move and put it in a shelter.

That heart moved and the vets started planning the operation. First, they made sure that he was fine with his heart.

Apparently, the family decided to abandon him because of this problem. The risk was high because of its size.

Doctors and shelter workers asked other people to pray for his health.

The prayers were accepted and two hours after the operation Mangolia managed to wake up from the coma. Now she has gained strength and is relieved of all that heavy weight.

Until he recovered, the dog was sent to a temporary home to be monitored more carefully.

After a few months, the dog returned to the shelter where she continues to grow healthy and very well cared for by all the volunteers who brought her back to life.

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