In his last concert, Donny Osmond shares special moments with his brother

Merril Osmond has announced that he will perform at his last concert. We send our best wishes to the family.

The Osmonds from the first moment they went on stage as a band in the ’70s reached the top charts. They became the idols of millions of American teenagers. The screaming crowds who were anticipating each of the Osmonds’ new singles, albums, and performances, created a frenzy known as Osmondmania.

Their only sister started her music career alone. She and her brother Donny wanted to reach the top together.

Their fame grew bigger and bigger and fans never had enough of the celebrity brother and sister, so soon after, Marie and Donny Osmond had their own show, “Donny & Marie,” which was a huge success.

The other brothers started their careers alone, including Merril Osmond. He did his last concert alone where he had the support of his brother Danny. The two share a very touching moment with each other.

As Merrill performed, Danny hugged him tightly from behind. Along with the photo which spoke a thousand words of the love between these two brothers, Danny wrote, “It was a night I’ll never forget. I went to my brother, Merrill’s final performance here in the US. As I watched him, I turned into a fan myself as I sang along with all of the other fans packing the Westgate theater, where we performed together in the 70s. He asked me to join him at the end of the show and as he sang his closing song, I couldn’t help but give my brother a farewell hug. Yes, it took all of us to create The Osmonds, but it was Merrill’s voice that created the sound. It was an amazing moment. Thank you, my brother.”

Merril sang the last song “Hard to say goodbye” and their expression melted many hearts.

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