Life of Oprah and her father who raised her even though she may not have been his daughter

Vernita Lee and Vernon are the parents of Oprah who came to her senses in 1954. Her father was a military officer who worked hard to serve the country. Although Opray may not have been related to Vernon by blood, he raised her as if she were his own daughter.

They stayed close and Oprah was there when he breathed his last. Although during the first years of life they were not close, their relationship was never discussed.

Vernon had to leave when she was still a baby because of his duties towards the state and Vernita was not yet ready to raise a child alone.

She left Oprah in the care of her mother. They lived in a modest house and Vernita seemed not to have much interest in knowing how the girl was.

Oprah respected her father a lot. Both of them never cut ties with each other. She made the choice to have a spectacular party with a Vernon Winfrey Appreciation Celebration theme on July 4th this year.

Vernon at the age of 89 had fought a long battle with cancer and in the last few days was surrounded by his loved ones.

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