Little Girl Gets Her Hair Cut Without Her Mother’s Permission In Daycare Claiming That It’d ‘Grow Back Straight’

When a mother took her daughter to a daycare she thought she would be safe there. But she was horrified when she saw what they did to her daughter.

Parents took her in the belief that they would take good care m there. But that belief was shattered by an action they took.

The father could not believe his eyes when he took the daughter from daycare. He led her differently and she came to him differently.

Brain, Denise Robinson’s 7-year-old daughter had very beautiful shiny curly hair. The mother was very proud of her daughter’s birth hair but all this pride would be dismissed when a carer would make her drastic change.

She did not ask for the mother’s permission when she cut the girl’s hair and for that, there was a ridiculous excuse. She believed Tru was picked on because she was biracial. The mother noted:

“There are three other girls in her class, two white girls, one black, none of these girls got scaled. Why Tru ?? … I believe it’s a biracial matter. ”

The mother realized that this affected the daughter a lot because she was very sad. The mother also expressed:

“I’m not going to stop being upset because I feel like my child was assaulted and violated.”

The strangest thing is the excuse the carer told him. The mother noted that they wrongly informed Tru her hair would grow back straight.

She has already got a lawyer Richard Kendall added that he found it “appalling.” He also agreed with the mother’s opinion of why Tru was targeted. “I’m not afraid to say it. I’ll talk about the elephant in the room. I believe it’s a biracial matter. ”

The staff meanwhile says that this was done for hygienic purposes. The daycare has not yet made an official reaction due to the investigation.

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