Man Sends Letter To His Ex-High School Girlfriend After 50 Years. Reveals That He Is A Father

No matter how many years pass, a man never forgets his love. A man’s heart beats only for a woman. But how did he receive the news that came for him?

JimSpates was career fulfilling. Worked as a DJ with Jim Star. In National Black Radio Hall Of Fame in 2019 was inducted.

Despite all these achievements, his heart was still beating for his high school girlfriend.

In 1964 Vivian White Butler stared at a young man playing softball with the school. He noticed it too. He recalls “She was beautiful, gorgeous, bubbly. She had all the things I was looking for in a young lady. ”

They bonded and started dating each other. He was careful because he kept books for her. Evenings passed in front of her mother’s door.

Unfortunately, they separated when he went to New Jersey to care for his mother. At that time she was suffering from diabetes.

She went to meet him. He took the path of music. He wanted to pursue his dreams. She realized she was pregnant. She searched hard for him to tell the news but could not find him.

Despite that, he left he never forgot. He also dedicated songs that took him back in time. The same thing was for her.

“After I lost contact, I used to think, ‘Does he think about me?’ Because I always thought about him.”She went on with her life. He married in 1990 but later divorced. He had never thought he would reunite with his old love.

Producer Dan McKeown knew this story and decided to seek the love of his friend. He found Butler on Facebook.

He found the address and asked his friend to go and look for him. Spates wrote him a letter asking him to come out. It seemed like time had stopped.

“My heart started beating bad like I was going to pass out. I grabbed him and hugged him and kissed him.”

The musician would not believe what a surprise awaited him. Without a picture of her with a small child. He asked who it was. She told him it was his daughter today 50 years old Lawrence White.

“That was a breathtaking moment I’ll never forget. I’m learning the role a father plays in a daughter’s life. ”

The musician is now a father and grandfather. In September Spates, 74, and Vivian, 70, were married. She says “He came back into my life; it could happen to other women out there. Young, old – It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you still have someone you want to rekindle with, try it”

This couple tells us that true love never dies no matter how many years pass. To love is one of the most beautiful things we can do in life. 

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