Mother Discovers That Her Baby Is Alive After 49 Years, She Was Told She Died After Birth

It took a woman 50 years to find her child who was told she had died after giving birth.

It seems unlikely that a nurse had not distinguished a living child from a dead one. In the beginning, checks and examinations should be done for a person to be declared dead.

The story we are going to tell you is that of Zella Prince and her daughter Melanie Diane Gilmore. They separated both at birth due to a serious mistake.

Zella Prince is looking forward to meeting her baby after 49 years. Gilmore had two other grown children who surprised their mother.

Her eyes are closed to surprise her. Gilmore was worried about the whole situation but the kids made sure there was nothing wrong with it.

They took their mother to a room and sat her on the bed. Then the bandage was removed from her eyes.

The woman’s relatives explained that they had found the mother. All three underwent a DNA test that matched 99.9% with theirs. They also stated that a DNA test was done after getting a cotton swab from her mouth; hers matched 99.9 percent with the woman’s.

Gilmore was shocked for a few minutes when she was told the woman was her mother. Then they hugged and just cried with each other.

But how did the whole story happen?

Zella Prince went to give birth to a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, they told her that the girl was premature and could not live.

Unfortunately, this was a nurse’s mistake. Price, who became an accomplished gospel singer, moved on with her life with the pain of losing a child.

Gilmore on the other hand was adopted. At the age of three, he lost his hearing because he became infected with measles.

Now they are both trying to recover their lost time. We with the best for both of them.

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