NBA Star Chris Webber and his wife become parents after 7 years, Doctors told they would never have children

When Chris and Erika were married in 2009, the two men were expecting to spend their lives together. Their greatest wish was to have a child.

After many years of trying for a pregnancy, doctors told her they would probably never be able to have children.

This news destroyed them. But the couple did not give up. They prayed all the time to have a family of their own. Now the couple has surprised by the news of a pregnancy. At last, their prayers were accepted.

Chris and Erika each shared pictures of their little miracles – a little boy and a little girl – on their Instagram pages.

Never underestimate the power of prayer, even when ‘they’ tell you it’s impossible… All in his time. Thank you to all of our family and friends and even strangers who shared our journey and kept us encouraged. “Says the couple.

In a recent interview, they show how the twins have improved their lives. “It’s taken the edge off,” he said. “It’s just something my wife and I have been praying for and working toward for years.”

They both feel like clouds and very happy. All we have left is to wish the twins a long life.

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