Nick Cannon Remembers Infant Son Zen on the Anniversary of His Passing

Cannon remembered his son who died on December 5, 2021, due to a brain tumor. He and his wife went through this period together. It was not easy for them to be separated from their little son.

Cannon’s son was only 5 months old when doctors diagnosed a tumor in his brain. This news shocked his parents. Cannon recently shared a post on his Instagram, recalling the pain caused by the loss of his son.

He writes “I am getting better physically, but my soul is broken.” He said that he could not sleep that night. A year had passed since the death of his little son. “This is the most difficult thing for a parent. Losing your child is painful. We are saddened and will never get over this dark event in our lives.”

It is difficult for every parent to lose their child. They also feel guilty that they could not save him and do more to bring him back to life, even though they did everything for this. Cannon shared more about his feelings on this sad day for him, his wife, and his family.

He spoke more about the love he felt in his heart. “I will always love you. Love is the most beautiful feeling. I also loved my little son very much. This spiritual condition worries me a lot.”

He said that this situation is irreversible, but he and his wife must be strong. “It’s not easy for me at all, but I have to get through it.” He closes his writing by saying, “We will love you forever, our son.”

Nick Cannon is in the hospital, currently receiving treatment for a particularly dreadful strain of pneumonia.

The father of 11 children, on the other hand, claimed to have discovered a “great lesson” that he must take care of himself in order to take care of others.

Nick Cannon has experienced a number of health issues. He had just performed the previous night at Madison Square Garden in front of tens of thousands of spectators, and now he was in a hospital room with pneumonia.

The entertainment community looks up to Nick Cannon, and his supporters pray for him at this trying time. To show Nick Cannon our love and support as he faces lupus concerns, we must pray for him. If you’d want to offer Nick Cannon your thoughts and prayers, we’d be extremely appreciative.

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