Owen Wilson Refused To Meet And Take Care Of His Only Daughter, She Is An Identical Copy Of Him

In most of his roles, Wilson has played the role of a family person who takes care of the family and makes it impossible for them to be happy. But in reality, he is not that person at all.

Wilson has never met his real daughter since he was born. He has two sons, Robert Ford with Jade Duell and Finn with Caroline Lindqvist. He is very close to them but with Varunie Vongsvirates his ex-girlfriend and the mother of the child he has no contact.

With the Vongsvirates it was a five-year relationship with his ups and downs and when he found out she was pregnant he disappeared by changing his phone number as well.

Seeing the relationship Wilson had with his sons Vongsvirats thought he would be a wonderful father to his daughter.

“Owen was not thrilled when Varunie told him she was pregnant, and it was the last time they communicated,” a source added. “He got a new phone number.” He’s never met his daughter, and he didn’t even tell me he was changing his phone number. ”

Wilson has never met the girl since birth but has provided money for her care. The DNA test showed he was the father.

He continues to spend $ 25,000 per month for a child he has never met, and the Daily Mail said he had to pay $ 70,000 to cover the costs of a labor coach, a night nurse, and Vongsvirates ’legal bills.

Lyla Aranya Wilson longs to have a father with her but the actor deprives her of this.

Varunie’s mother died when she was still a young child. She understands what it’s like to have only one parent. That is something she does not want to happen to her daughter. “She desires for her daughter to live a regular life. It did not work out with them, but abandoning his child is impolite and unethical.

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