Parents Left The Fate Of Conjoined Twins In “Hands Of God” In The Operation That Lasted 10 Hours

Two conjoined twins Addy and Lily Altobelly a few months after giving birth underwent surgery to separate. Today their parents talk about the prayers they sent to God during the hours of horror.

Maggie and Dom Altobelli found it difficult to make a decision. From the moment they learned that the children had a common stomach, they were filled with questions.

They did their best. They left everything in the hands of God to guide them to the right path. In the 20th week of pregnancy, Maggie was waiting to find out the sex of the baby.

She was happy when she found out that she would have twin girls. But this beautiful moment was ruined the moment the doctor saw something unusual. The children were conjoined.

The couple did not think at all about what happened to them. They simply accepted the decision that God had made for them. After the birth, they agreed for the doctors to separate the twins.

They left their home and collaborated with doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). They initially studied the twins well until they made the decision. The parents knew their journey would be long and tedious but did not give up.

The twins were tested to see if they could do it successfully. If the children had a heart, the doctors would not consider surgery as a possibility.

“Yes, this is a favorable position,” they responded. It’s still a high-risk delivery and operation, ’says the doctor“ Maggie remembers something.

Because the twins shared a chest, when Lily, the older twin, was unhappy, it caused Addy to have breathing problems.

Maggie added, “If Lily became upset, she would (control) her breathing.” “There were instances when Addy coded because she could not breathe because Lily was upset,” says the narrator.

“It was bizarre and emotional all at the same time. The entire day was quite serene, and we just handed it to God – like we have done throughout this entire trip “Maggie Altobelli recalled the incident. “We’re just so fortunate to have surgeons who know what they’re doing and who worked tirelessly to treat our girls like their own.”

Doctors need 10 hours to complete the operation. Finally, the doctors gave him the long-awaited news. The operation was successful.

Maggie said, “I just dropped to the floor.” “Everyone was sobbing and crying.” There was so much happiness. ”

They stayed in the hospital for two months as a rehabilitation period. They then moved into their home.

Parents today say We’re overjoyed that they’ve returned home. “It’s incredible,” Maggie exclaimed. “I still cry to this day, simply seeing the children sitting in the living room watching Frozen or any Disney movie,”

Rehabilitation is not over yet. This is just the beginning of a long road to recovery. Physical, occupational, and speech treatments are still being provided to the babies.

It’s not easy to find tranquility in a storm. But, just as we saw with these conjoined twins who were separated, if we can commit our hearts to God’s purpose, there is nothing He can’t use for good!

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